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Main products: cylinder, air source treatment unit,directional valve, solenoid valve, pneumatic accessories......

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     Ningbo NPPC machinery co., LTD. was initially founded in 2009, a high-tech enterprise of which dedicated in producing and exporting pneumatic components for more than 10 years. So far, the company has become a export-oriented enterprise which intergrating the R&D, producing, selling pneumatic components as a whole. Our products are focused on solenoid valve, cylinder, air source parts, hydraulic & pneumatic connectors, PU tube, coil, etc.      The company has been introduced the United States, Japan, Italy world first-class CNC machining center, lathe, CNC machine tools, all kinds of equipment such as injection molding, to enhance the testing process, so that the our client can acquire 100% qualified products. At present, the company is consist of production department, R&D department, QC department, sales department, purchasing department, with more than 100 employees in total. With long-term effort, we've got loads of product quality certificates like ISO9001, 2000, CE,UL,SIL & ATEX & ex-proof certificates...etc. With years of unremitting efforts, our high quality products have been highly recommend and praised by our domestic client and overseas clients from more than 60 countries. Our sale network is mainly consist of the following countries: China, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Fiji, etc. We do care for our clients demand, and pursuing the best service that we can provide.
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Our advantages


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