Product center
Product center
  • Pneumatic cylinder
    MSN Series cylinder
    MFJ Series cylinder
    MSA Series stainless steel mini cylinder
    MAL Series aluminum alloy mini cylinder
    FDC Series cylinder
    FDC cylinder with Viton seals
    FSI Series cylinder
    FSC Series cylinder
    SCT series multi-position cylinder
    SDA Series cylinder
    ADVU Series cylinder
    CQS series compact cylinder
    CQ2B Series cylinder
    TN Series cylinder
    CXSM Series cylinder
    STMB Series cylinder
    MGPM Series cylinder
    FDG Series ISO15552 standard cylinder
    CM2 Series stainless steel cylinder
    CJ2 Series stainless steel cylinder
    CJP Series needle cylinder
    CU Series free installation cylinder
    RSQ Series regular-stroke piston cylinder
    MSQ Series Stopper cylinder
    XH Series style air gripper
    CY3 Series rodless cylinder
    SRC Series pneumatic swing clamp cylinder
    CRA1 Series swing cylinder with rack and gear whee
    CRQ2 Series thin swing cylinder
    MYW Series air gripper
    MRHQ Series table set air gripper
    MHZL2 Series air gripper
    MHZ2 Series end type air gripper
    MHZ Series air gripper
    MHY2 Series air gripper
    MHL2 Series air gripper
    MHL Series wide type air gripper
    MHF2 Series thin air gripper
    MHC2 Series air gripper
    MHC Series air gripper
    MFY Series air gripper
    MHS2 series air gripper
    MHS3 series air gripper
    MHS3 series air gripperr(cylindrical type)
    MHS4 series air gripper
    CY1B Series rodless cylinder
    CY1L Series magnetic coupling type rodless cylinde
    CY1R Series installation rodless cylinder
    CY1S Series magnetic coupling type rodless cylinde
    Stainless steel FSC cylinder
    C85 series light-weight cylinder
    CM2 series cylinder(single acting)
    CM2 series cylinder(double acting)
    M1 series stainless steel mini cylinder
    PB series stainless steel mini cylinder
    Heidelberg cylinders
    Heidelberg cylinder coil
    ADN series cylinder
    ACQJ Series mask machine cylinder
    SDAJ Series mask machine cylinder
    Scissors used for mask machine
    AC Series hydraulic shock absorber
    HR Series hydraulic shock absorber
    Cylinder accessories
    ISO 15552 cylinder accessories
    Cylinder kits
    Tube and piston rod
    Magnetism switch
    WM series air compressor
    VBA series booster regulator
    CJP2 series double acting needle cylinder
    CUJB series free mounting cylinder
    CDJ2KB Series Non-Rotating Piston Mini Cylinder
  • Directional control valve
    Directly operated solenoid valves Series NF
    Directly operated solenoid valves Series ND
    Directly operated solenoid valves Series NE
    Mini valve control parts accessories
    2625483 solenoid valves
    CVH Solenoid valves
    MFB solenoid valve
    NVSC Series solenoid valve
    CVG Series Spacer sleeve solenoid valve
    BH45-12PTO pump air control valve
    CV Series solenoid valve
    Ex-proof coil(used on CV solenoid valve)
    210 solenoid valve's plunger
    ex-proof solenoid valve with customized manifold
    high pressure CV series solenoid valve
    CA Series air pilot valve
    12 Bar air pilot valve (2636000A series)
    CM Series NAMUR mounting solenoid valve
    UV Series solenoid valve
    TV Series solenoid valve
    95 Series solenoid valve
    CR Series hand-draw valve
    SSR series hand-draw valve
    DFJ Series toggle valve
    PTO Series dump valve
    MSV Series mechanical valve
    JM / MOV Series mechanical valve
    JM series hand pull valve
    MOV321 series mechanical valve
    M5L series mechanical valve
    M5PP series mechanical valve
    KA/ST/AS/HSV Series flow control valve
    RE/ASC/QE/XQ Series flow control valve
    XQ series quick exhaust valve(brass material)
    SSQE series quick exhaust stainless steel valve
    XQ series hand pull valve
    4HV / HV / K Series hand-switching valve
    4F Series foot valve
    ST series foot pedal valve
    CV2 2/2 Way solenoid valves
    NPC220-06 Bus door booster solenoid valve
    MM-NPC220-01 series bus door booster valve
    CL series 5/2,5/3 way hand pull valve
    SY series solenoid valve
    TAC series valve
    XV series air return solenoid valve
    XTV series air return solenoid valve
    herion solenoid valve
    Tiger valve
    ALV Series direct-acting solenoid valve
    MQ series spray valve
    CVT Series solenoid valve
    CMNT310 series namur solenoid valve
    CMT series mounting solenoid valve
    CMT series solenoid valve
    NP23JD Series high pressure valve
    VT540-06G1K6-A4BA Valve Island
    CV/A561 Series Big Flow Control Valve
  • Fluid solenoid valve
    PA Series angle seat valve
    NAC-A-H Series electronic valve
    NAC-B series electronic timing drain valve
    W2/S2 2/2 Way direct acting solenoid valves
    L2 2/2 Way pilot operated steam solenoid valves
    X2120 2/2 Way direct acting solenoid valves
    U20 2/2 Way direct acting solenoid valves
    U25 2/2 Way direct acting solenoid valves
    NP504 2/2 Way direct acting solenoid valves
    NP223 2/2 Way direct acting solenoid valves
    QA2 2/2 Way pneumatic control pipe valves
    MCFSeries solenoid pulse valve
    NAC-A series connected electronic drain valves
    Q22HD Series right angle valve
    Digital display pressure switch
    Digital plastic timer for drain valve
  • Process control
    PA angle seat valve
    Limit switch
    Speed controller
    NGS series stainless steel fitting
  • Air source treatment unit
    AC1000 ~ 5000 Series air filter combination
    AFC Series air filter combination
    BFC Series air filter combination
    AFC Series air source treatment unit
    FRC Series air source treatment unit
    LFR series air filter regulator(blue color)
    QTYH high pressure regulator
    NR series mini regulator
    NC series air source treatment unit
    ITV Series electric proportional valve
    AR1000 Series mini regulator(Black)
    AR1000 Series mini regulator(White)
    QTY series regulator
    B07 Series filter regulator
    L07 Series lubricator
    R07 Series regulator
    IR series precision regulator
    M Series air parts
    MU series f.r.l combination
    MFR series air filter regulator
    AFR900 series big port frls
    IRV10/20 Series Vacuum Regulator
    VHS Series Pressure Relief Valve
    FV series vacuum filter
    AR Max Flow Air Treatment
  • Pneumatic accessories
    Tube fittings
    Valve fittings
    Speed control fittings
    Metal push-in fittings
    Rapid fittings
    Pipe joint fittings
    Metal pipe fittings
    Quick coupler
    Stainless steel push-in fittings
    Pneumatic induction check valves
    Mini ball valve & Ball valve with union
    American type coupler
    CMK Series misting system
    RL, RC series rotary fittings
    Exhaust valve with throttling muffler g THREAD
    Exhaust valve with throttling mufflers
    LX Type Series Aluminous Muffler
    PU tube
    PTFE tube
    PA pipe
    Flame retardant tube
    CL Spiral tube
    PE pipe
    flame resistant hose& anti-static hose
    Tube mounting brackets
    B type,V type, BEST type, SS type, PSU type... sil
    K Series, GT Series pneumatic gear vibrator
    Air gun
    Tube cutter
    vacuum ejector
    HP series pressure switch
  • Stainless steel product
    Stainless steel FRL
    Stainless steel mini air source treatment unit
    Stainless steel solenoid valve
    SSAM Series namur stainless steel air pilot valve
    SSAV Series air pilot valve
    SSM Series NAMUR Stainless steel solenoid valve
    SSM Series namur stainless steel solenoid valve
    SSV Series stainless steel solenoid valve
    SSMN Series NAMUR Stainless Steel 3way-5wy NamurSolenoid Valve
    SSV Series  Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve
    SSV Series  Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve(Double electric control)
    Ex-proof solenoid valve
    Directing Ex-proof Solenoid valve
    Aluminum flameproof type solenoid valve
    Stainless steel flameproof type solenoid valves
    SSV561T6  AISI316L Stainless Steel Flameproof Type Solenoid Valves
    SSM561T6  AISI316L Stainless Steel Flameproof NAMUR Type Solenoid valves
    CV561T6  Aluminum Flameproof Type Solenoid Valves
    CMN561T6 Aluminum Flameproof 5way-3way Smart Namur Solenoid Valves
    CM561T6  Aluminum Flameproof Type Namur Solenoid Valves
    SSMN561T6  Stainless Steel Flameproof 3way-5way Smart NamurType Solenoid Valves
    SSM562T6   AISI316L Stainless Steel Flameproof NAMUR Type Solenoid
    SSV562T6   AISI316L Stainless Steel Flameproof NAMUR Type Solenoid
    Stainless steel check valve
  • Stainless steel mechanical valve
    Stainless steel check valve
    SSQE series quick exhaust stainless steel valve
  • Stainless steel mechanical valve
  • NPPC BRAND PTO dump valves ranges
    S-For BH45-12
    DFJ0030 Air toggle valve(detent)
    Bh45-15  Series PTO Valves
  • NPPC brand gauges range
    Stainless steel oil pressure gauge
    SSVM Y-63Back
    SSVM Y-63 Bottom
  • Ex-proof solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel mechanical valve
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